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Á Líkhúsi

A hundred meters east of the cathedral, just above the foreshore, are the remains of a smaller building. The place is in Faroese called "Á Líkhúsi" (The place for the dead. Lík=corpse). Investigations have shown that this was a church and graveyard. Most of this building has been washed away by the sea. Only the lowest layer of stones in the north wall, 13 m long and 1 m thick, is still standing. On the north side of the north wall there are traces of an annex from which there is a doorway into the nave of the church.

Líkhús frá dronu

From the church there is a stone-paved path a little way above the old wall, and this goes right down into the sea. There must therefore have been great changes in the land since the church was built. But no one knows when this was. This is said to be the oldest church in Kirkjubøur, but this is not proved at all.