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Boat building

Koltur, bátasmíð (vatnlitsmynd eftir Poul Jensen)

Niclas in Koltur was a famous boat builder. During his upbringing many builders came out to Koltur to build boats. His father, the farmer Niclas S. Niclasen - Old Niclas, was also a builder, but was mostly occupied with repairing boats. It is said that Jóhan Danielsen from Nólsoy - Jóhan í Garði, came to Koltur to build boats. 

As a young man Niclas went on a fishing expedition, but it was clear early on that he had a frame of mind and skills for boat building. He built his first boat in 1927, and the last boat was built in 1986. By then he had built a total of 360 boats. 

Niclas built his first racing boat in 1947, the eight-oar "Miðving". Niclas proved to have great skills in boat building, and his boats have a beautiful and elegant design, and here Niclas stands out as an exceptional craftsman. Niclas built a total of 75 racing boats.

In 1937 Niclas married Elisabeth from Gjógv. The same year Niclas took over his father's farm, but he occupied himself far more with building boats. When Niclas gave up his deed of tenure at the farm Norðuri í Gerði in 1961, he moved to Tórshavn with his wife and father. They settled under Heygnum Mikla and he continued to build boats in his workshop in the basement.