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How to register
You must register as a user before you can borrow material from the libaray.
Anyone over the age of 14 can acquire a library card free of charge.
You are personally responsible for the card and if you loose it, you must inform the library. A new card costs kr. 50,-

Pin Code
When you have registered as a user you'll receive a pin code issued by the library. If you want to change the pin code you can use the link www.bokasavn.fo

Foreign Citizens and Students
If foreign citizens stay longer than three months in the Faroes and are in posession of a Faroese CPR-Number they can be registered. Foreign students without a Faroese CPR-Number must contact their institute at the university and get their acceptance. Then they will be issued with a library-card. Even though you haven't been registered as at student of the university you are welcome to use the material of the library in the reading room.

The material of Føroya Landsbókasavn must most cases be returned within 29 days. You will receive a recall notice after 29 days.

Reservations and Renewals
If books are out on loan you can make an reservation and you'll receive an e-mail or a call when they are ready. If no one is in line for the book, renewals can be made by telephone or on our hompage www.bokasavn.fo. You can renew up to three times.

Fees are charged for late return of materials as seen here:

7-14 days overdue kr. 20,-
15-28 days overdue kr. 40,-
more than 29 days overdue kr. 100,-

After this, the matter will be forwarded as a question of compensation.
In conection with the bill for compensation an additional fee of kr. 100,- will be charged.

Users are responsible for damage or loss of library material will be required to pay compensation. If it is not possible to replace the library material you must pay an amount of money corresponding to the valuation of the lost material. If the material is recovered Føroya Llandsbókasavn will return the money you have paid. Fees will not be returned.