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Total Solar Eclipse Exhibition at the National Museum

An exhibition about the total solar eclipse is open at the National Museum, Brekkutún 6, in Hoyvik.

The museum invites you to a special event on Monday March 16th at 4 pm, where Dr. Kate Russo will officially open the exhibition with a talk about what it is like to experience a total solar eclipse, and why the experience transforms some people into eclipse chasers.

The small exhibit includes explanations and displays of how eclipses occur, and information that will help prepare for the event on the 20th of March. There is a special focus on historical eclipses in the Faroes, including photographs and stories from the 1954 total solar eclipse.

Kate Russo is an Author, Psychologist and Eclipse Chaser. She is from Australia and lives in Belfast, working at Queen’s University Belfast as a Clinical Psychologist. Kate has been chasing eclipses for 15 years, and this will be her 9th total solar eclipse. Her aim is to bridge the gap between psychology and astronomy and her scientific research explores how people make sense of the total eclipse experience. She has published two books on the topic, and is soon to complete her third. Kate is the eclipse advisor in the Faroe Islands and in cooperation with Visit Faroe Islands she is reaching out to the public, the media, authorities and tourist industry preparing for the total solar eclipse on March 20. She is also leading an eclipse tour for 130 eclipse chasers from around the world for The Independent Traveller, and her private eclipse viewing event with the citizens of Eidi was selected as the location for the hugely popular BBC Stargazing Live broadcast to the UK.

The national museum in Brekkutún 6, Hoyvík, is open every day from 2 to 6 pm during the period from 13th to 27th of March. Visitors can also view the extensive displays about the history and natural history of the Faroe Islands. The eclipse exhibition will remain open for several months.

The Faroe Islands National Heritage, Archives, Library and Museums – Søvn Landsins – and the Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate – Jarðfeingi. In collaboration with the Faroese Centre of Educational Services – Nám.

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